Tuesdays from 14:00–15:00 typically in Room 230 at the Fields Institute.


2016.08.16  Introductory workshop
2016.08.23 The combinatorics of Artin fans
by Martin Ulirsch (Fields)
Bahen 1180 (Unusual location)
2016.08.30 Resolutions of singularities of Schubert and Richardson varieties
by Laura Escobar (Fields)
2016.09.06 Loci of hyperelliptic curves in moduli spaces of curves
by Nicola Tarasca (Fields)
2016.09.13 Algebraic and tropical theta characteristics
by Yoav Len (Fields)
Room 309 (Unusual location)
2016.09.20 Matlis duality on two-dimensional cyclic quotient singularities
by Lars Kastner (Fields)
2016.09.27 Very, very ample plus nef on toric varieties, or, lattice points in polytopes with long edges
by Christian Haase (FU Berlin)
2016.10.04 Convexity workshop
2016.10.11 Nef cones of Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces via Bridgeland stability conditions
by Barbara Bolognese (Fields)
2016.10.18 Waring ranks of homogeneous forms
by Zach Teitler (Boise State)
2016.10.25 Chern-Schwarz-Macpherson classes of matroids
by Kristin Shaw (Fields)
2016.11.01 Fields medal symposium
2016.11.08 Classes of matrix orbit closures
by Alex Fink (Queen Mary)
2016.11.15 Coxeter lectures
2016.11.22 Overweight deformations of singular hypersurfaces
by Bernd Schober (Fields)
2016.11.29 Brill-Noether varieties and set-valued tableaux
by Melody Chan (Brown)
2016.12.06 Moduli workshop