Apprenticeship Articles

Fitness, Polynomials, and Apprenticeship

by Bernd Sturmfels (Berkeley)
arXiv:1612.03539 [math.AG]

From curves to tropical Jacobians and back

by Barbara Bolognese (Fields), Madeline Brandt (Berkeley), and Lynn Chua (Berkeley)

Tritangent planes to space sextics: the algebraic and tropical stories

by Corey Harris (Florida State) and Yoav Len (Fields)

Theta characteristics of tropical K_4-curves

by Melody Chan (Brown) and Pakawut Jiradilok (Harvard)

Bisecants, bitangents, and their congruences

by Kathlén Kohn (TU Berlin), Bernt Ivar Nødland (Olso), and Paolo Tripoli (Warwick)

Equations of moduli space of genus zero curves with n marked points

by Leonid Monin (Toronto) and Julie Rana (Minnesota)

Minkowski sums and Hadamard products of algebraic varieties

by Netanel Friedenberg (Yale), Alessandro Oneto (INRIA), and Robert Williams (Texas A&M)

Khovanskii bases of Cox—Nagata rings and tropical geometry

by Martha Bernal (CONACyT-UAZ), Dan Corey (Yale), Maria Donten-Bury (Warsaw), Naoki Fujita (Tokyo Tech), and Georg Merz (Göttingen)

Equations and tropicalization of Enriques surfaces

by Barbara Bolognese (Fields), Corey Harris, (Florida State), and Joachim Jelisiejew (Warsaw)

Specht polytopes and Specht matroids

by John Wiltshire-Gordon (ICERM), Alexander Woo (Idaho), and Magdalena Zajaczkowska (Warwick)

The degree of SO(n)

by Madeline Brandt (Berkeley), David J. Bruce (Wisconsin), Taylor Brysiewicz (Texas A&M), Robert Krone (Queen’s), Elina Robeva (MIT)

Computing toric degeneratiions of flag varieties

by Lara Bossinger (Cologne), Sara Lamboglia (Warwick), Kalina Mincheva (Yale), and Fatemeh Mohammadi (IST)

The multidegree of the multi-image variety

by Laura Escobar (Fields) and Allen Knutson (Cornell)

Convex hull of two circles in real 3-space

by Evan Nash (Ohio State), Ata Firat Pir (Texas A&M), Frank Sottile (Texas A&M), and Li Ying (Texas A&M)

The Hilbert scheme of 11 points in affine 3-space is irreducible

by Theo Douvropoulos (Minnesota), Joachim Jelisiejew (Warsaw), Bernt Ivar Nødland (Oslo), and Zach Teitler (Boise State)

Towards the tropical Hodge bundle

by Bo Lin (Berkeley) and Martin Ulirsch (Fields)

Cellular sheaf cohomology in Polymake

by Lars Kastner (Fields), Kristin Shaw, and Anna-Lena Winz